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The skills database (es]El banco de habilidades

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You can access the skills of the Factory’s allies and partners by skill type:


Organizations capable of helping a territory to identify and mobilize its internal resources, to establish a diagnosis of its strengths and weaknesses with regard to change management.

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Process of change

Organisations familiar with change management processes.

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Capitalisation of experience

Organisations with a good knowledge of the lessons learned from systemic change processes already carried out (e.g. peer cities, the experience of members of Energycities, Ecocities, Tepos for example).

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Organisations that have been thinking about the new intellectual repository, for example :

  • a new way of thinking about governance (the transition from the idea of local management to that of territorial and multi-level governance)
  • the economy (the transition from economy to oeconomy),
  • ethics (moving from a limited definition of responsibility to the idea of a social contract based on mutual knowledge of responsibilities),
  • Humanity-biosphere relations (the transition from the idea of "resource" to the idea of ecosystem integrity)
  • ...

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Tools & Methods

Organisations mastering the tools and methods useful in the process of systemic change (e.g. the construction of learning communities and the capitalisation of experiences; the management of a large documentary base at the service of transition; the management of complexity and relationships between issues and between policies (relational atlas).

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Pedagogy and training

Organisations that master the pedagogy and deployment of training courses. By combining distance learning, allowing energy to be devoted to the pedagogical content, and "face-to-face" workshops, allowing practitioners to be active protagonists of their training by contributing their own experience.

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By area of specialisation

Organisations with expertise in one of the policy areas related to transition:

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Support for territories in transition

In order to launch the support work that the Transition Factory wishes to carry out with the local authorities that call on us, we wish to build a bank of skills with the people and institutions on which we will be able to count in an operational manner.

This guide allows us to map the forces at work. It does not have the value of a commitment. An appointment by phone / email will be proposed to you soon.

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