une œuvre qui se construit pas à pas et pièce à pièce

The history of the factory 

The Transition Factory was born from the desire of four cities, Loos-en-Gohelle, Grande Synthe, Malaunay and Le Mené, which had been engaged for several decades in a strategy of transition of their territories towards sustainable societies, to compare their experiences to see if common guiding principles of general value emerged from them.

This capitalisation process, actively supported by the Agency for Ecological Transition ADEME, and accompanied by the intervention and research laboratory ATEMIS, proved to be fruitful.

Four guiding principles emerged:

  • the conduct of the transition presupposes the commitment of all stakeholders;
  • it is necessary to move from sectoral approaches to a systemic approach;
  • the capacity of actors to engage and move beyond SWAps stems from a long learning process of cooperation between actors ;
  • the transition is, for a territory, a creator of economic and social value.

Some twenty civil society organisations invited to react to this process have fully recognised this. They noted that they shared the same conviction of the role of territories in the transition. This is the founding core of the Factory.

The Founding Charter, drawn up in 2019 by this founding core, constitutes the foundation and the cement of the Factory. It is to be enriched every three years in the light of experience.