une œuvre qui se construit pas à pas et pièce à pièce

The governance

The Transition Factory is not a membership association but an Alliance. Allies are all those who recognise themselves in the diagnosis, values, objectives and methods of the Fabrique and manifest this by signing the Charter.

An alliance has three main characteristics:

1. it is based not only on a common interest but on a profound agreement materialized by the Charter;

2. it has a long-term strategy, embodied in its founding text and supervised by a group of guarantors who have no operational functions but are, like constitutional courts for States, the persons who ensure collective respect for the values, objectives and methods set out in the founding Charter ;

3.} unlike a classic association which draws a clear line between members and non-members, an alliance, thanks to the stability of its governance, allows commitments by allies of varying intensity and evolving over time, some strongly involved in the development of the Factory, others interested but without an active role.