une œuvre qui se construit pas à pas et pièce à pièce

Strategic and financial partners

In the summer of 2020, everything remains to be defined. Nevertheless, three main sources of funding can be identified:

  • the financial contributions of the allies to the development of the Alliance, in addition to the contribution in kind represented by the commitment and contribution of skills of each one;
  • the funding of support for the territories that join the Alliance and call on the experience and skills of the allies to develop their strategy. This funding goes essentially to the allies who provide this support and, on the one hand, to the operational team of the Association for the Promotion of the Factory in charge of bringing this vast collective process to life ;
  • public or private financial partners (foundations, companies) who share the diagnosis, values and objectives of the Factory and who wish to contribute to its sustainability and development through structural support, if possible on a multi-year basis.